How to change the IP address in TOR to a specific country’s IP

I assume you already have TOR installed on your computer. If not, head over to, and get the bundle for your operating system. It’s super easy to install (well, at the time of writing, you just have to extract the compressed file and run the tor browser program). I guess you have used TOR’s “Use a New Identity” feature before. For most people, using this feature of TOR is enough for their needs. But, for others, it isnt, since it changes to a random IP of a random country each time you click the button. There are times when you may want to access content only available to a specific country. And at those times you are only concerned with getting the IP address of that particular country.


To get the IP address from a particular country each time you start TOR or hit the “New Identity” button, you need to configure TOR to use any relay or a set of relays from that country as exit node. Relays are computers much like yours running TOR with configuration to deliver traffic within the network. Exit Nodes in TOR are relays that traffic outside of the TOR network. Their IP address is what the webserver you are requesting content from will see. Follow these steps to change TOR’s exit node.


Get a set of exit nodes

There are two ways of doing this: from a website containing a refreshed list of exit relays or from within the TOR application. I prefer using the TOR application.


Open TOR’s Vidalia control panel from the system tray if its not already open.

Vidalia Contro Panel


Click on “View the Network”

TOR Network

The names on the right are Nicknames of relay servers located in different parts of the world. You can tell which country a relay is located in by looking at the flag right next to it. You can also get detailed info by just clicking on it. Right-click on a Nickname to copy the fingerprint or Nickname (actually any would do, even the IP address, located in the lower right pane, but be consistent with which ever one you chose to avoid copying both the Nickname and fingerprint of the same server). Copy out as many as you can. I copied just 3 exit nodes and TOR seems to be working fine for me for over 3 weeks now.


You can equally skip all of the above and just use the two letter code of any country you want and let TOR choose a random exit node from that country or countries.


Edit TOR configuration file

Click on “settings” in the Vidalia control panel and choose the advanced tab. There you will see the path to your TOR configuration file, its a file named “torrc”. It might be “C:\Users\(your-username)\AppData\Roaming\Vidalia\torrc”. Mine is “/home/obinna/tor-browser_en-US/Data/Tor/torrc”.


Open it in notepad or any other text editor.

Add this on a new line if its not there already:

ExitNodes relay1, relay2, relay3

Or this if you choose the two-letter country option:

ExitNodes {US}, {UK}

Save the configuration file, exit TOR and start it up again, so it will use your new setting.


If TOR doesn’t find an exit node in the country or countries you choose (which can happen if you chose NG, for Nigeria) or suitable exit node , it will do one of the things it does best: choose a random exit for you, unless you set the “StrictExitNodes” directive to 1 (by adding StrictExitNodes 1 to torrc), which you might not want to do because TOR wont work then.

Visit to see if everything worked fine.

Let us know how TOR’s been working out for you in the comments.

Want to use TOR with your other applications? Maybe your favorite web browser, yahoo messenger, or any other application that can connect to the internet through a socks proxy, read this post.



  1. Mursel says:

    Where should I put the fingerprint I copied ?
    I can’t understand that part,so please could you response to me and tell where should I put that fingerprint/name I copied to make TOR work..

    • Obinna says:

      put the fingerprint in your torrc file. If you are using windows find it here: “C:\[Tor Directory]\Tor Browser\Data\Tor\torrc”. With Tor Director being the directory you decompressed Tor into when you downloaded or the one you installed it to. I cant not know this because installation system differs and depends on many things, including if you have downloaded Tor Browser bundle or one of the Vidalia Bundles. Hint: search in your computer for a file named “torrc”, without the quotes.

  2. Ahmet says:

    In what line should I put fingerprint,tell me what to write
    or just paste the fingerprints in a line ?

  3. Prem says:

    Thnaks Bro working for me

  4. elite says:

    What about the new version of tor that does not include vidalia? How to configure it?

  5. Jorge says:

    Hey man, latest version doesn’t have vidalia. I can’t seem to find it

  6. Tim says:


    I have followed your instructions and opened the “torc” file in a notepad. It looks like this

    After tha I put the copied fingerprints of 3 different countries and put it under that “RED MARKED LINE” (in the picture) and saved it.
    I exited tor and opened it, but it was showing error.

    Please help.


    • Obinna says:

      Could you please screenshot the whole torrc file? or better still paste it here. you must have made a mistake with the fingerprint format. And I cant be sure because I cant see your fingerprints in that image

  7. Tim says:


    Thanks for the response. As you said, I have The whole screenshot of my whole torcc file. Here it is –

    Also for details, I have captured the fingerprint copying process. Here it is-
    And similarly I have copied the other two fingerprints of different networks.

    • Obinna says:

      I have seen your mistake. PLease Kindly put ExitNodes and then copy in your fingerprints, seperating them with a comma. the format is
      ExitNodes fingerprint, fingerprint, fingerprint
      and not in the way you copied it on different lines
      I hope this solves your problem

  8. jonas says:

    Were du i find Vidalia controle panel ?

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