Say good bye to using your airtel BIS on PC, android and other devices

      Some time ago I published a post on how you can subscribe to Airtel BIS and use it on your android phone, iPhone, Nokia and even on PCs by inserting your SIM in a modem. Well it was groovy for me as I have been using this since the beginning of this […]

How to enable your visa debit card for online payments

You can enable your visa card for online transactions by enrolling for the “Verified By Visa” (VBV) program. This is just a fancy way of saying you have to change your i-PIN. Master card users do not need to go through this. Follow the below steps to enroll for VBV. Locate a Visa/Vpay enabled ATM. […]

Browsing with Airtel nigeria at the cheapest rate ever!


Almost every Nigerian online wants to browse at the cheapest rate possible or even free! I can remember the days when new Mtn cheats for free browsing comes out every week. Mtn kept on blocking the cheats proxies and new ones kept on emerging.   Its been a really long time since I stopped caring […]

Mozilla unviels first Firefox OS phones

  Last Monday Mozilla announced that two phones, the ZTE Open and Alcatel One Touch Fire will launch with FireFox OS.   Mozilla’s Firefox has been a major buzz in the blogosphere throughout this year. For those of use who don’t know about this OS, its a HTML-Based, open source mobile OS aimed at using […]

Where you can and cant use your Nigerian bank issued credit card


First off, if you havent gotten a credit card and would like to get one, read this first. Getting a Credit card in Nigeria is one thing. Being able to use it online is another. It is no news that many online merchants block nigerians from paying for goods and services on there site. Of […]

How I got my Zenith Bank Buxz credit card

How I got my Zenith Bank credit card

Getting a credit card in Nigeria is easy these days. GTBank, UBA, Zenith, First Bank all offer Visa and or Master card credit cards. I got a Zenith Bank Non personalized (Buxz) credit card. I cant say it was a smooth experience cos it wasn’t. It took up to three days before I could use […]

Understanding and Using Anonymous Proxies

There are many different reasons to use proxies. One is “Anonymity”. That means hiding your real IP address and therefore your geographic location. Another is to access geographically blocked content on the web, in which case you have to use a proxy thats located in a country the website accepts. Throughout this article, the terms […]

Five ways you can change your IP address and surf anonymously

You might want to change your IP address for a variety of reasons. Accessing geographically blocked websites may be the most common reason to change your IP address. Another reason may be to browse sites anonymously .Below is a list of ways you can change your IP address. All of these have their pros and […]

How to change the IP address in TOR to a specific country’s IP

TOR Network

I assume you already have TOR installed on your computer. If not, head over to, and get the bundle for your operating system. It’s super easy to install (well, at the time of writing, you just have to extract the compressed file and run the tor browser program). I guess you have used TOR’s […]

How to use TOR with other applications

So you dont want to use the firefox web browser that comes with TOR and are thinking of how you can use it with your favourite web browser or any other application that is proxy-capable with TOR. Well, you are in luck, TOR has support for that!   Get TOR’s proxy address and port   […]