How to setup your blackberry’s APN for Mtn, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel

The APN settings given in this blog post are for Mtn Nigeria, Globacom Nigeria, Etisalat Nigeria and Airtel Nigeria

You must set up your blackberry’s APN settings if you want to use apps that require direct internet connection like 2go

For Blackberry OS 6.0 and later

Choose “options” from your phones home screen. See image below.

 Options on Home screen

Choose “Device” then “Advanced System Settings” and then “TCP/IP”.

For BB OS <6.0 (i.e 5.x, 4.x etc)

Choose “options” from your phones home screen.

Choose “Advanced Options” and then TCP/IP.

Make sure the “APN Settings Enabled box” is checked. Additionally check the “APN Authentication Enabled” box if your carrier requires a username and password, otherwise leave it unchecked and leave the fields blank.

APN setting

Settings for Mtn


Username: web

Password: web

Settings for Etisalat

APN: etisalat

Username: none

Password: none

Settings for Airtel


Username: none

Password: none

Settings for Glo

APN: gloflat

Username: flat

Password: flat


Press the menu key and selet “save”

If you live in a country other than Nigeria or use a different carrier not listed above just search up your carriers APN settings on Google or any other search Engine.


  1. Muaumalat BK says:

    I want to use my BB  for voip call using PTTJapan low rate voip services in Nigeria, I have installed it but the BB is asking for the APN setting for MTN I entered them all as above, yet I cant get connected..what must I do next? I really want to use the app to make both domestic and international calls from nigeria

  2. John Nnaji says:

    I use an Android phone, but browsing with it is not as economical like with blackberry. Someone told me I can use BB settings on it, I want to know how possible it is, and how to use it.

    • Obinna says:

      No you cant. BIS only works on Blackberry devices. Airtel BIS works on all devices though (I use it). You get 1GB data for 1400 naira. Lasts one month. to subscribe, send BCM to 440. it should work on your android with absolutely no configurations. to check your data balance: *141*712*0#

  3. IKECHI says:

    am using blackberry tour 9630 , i have been trying to browse but it was not going

    • Obinna says:

      you mean browse without BIS? or with BIS? Have you checked to see that your “data” is enabled? You enable data service by opening your network option and checking the box beside “Data Service”

  4. olusola says:

    i want to set my adriod vpn to use blackberry subscriptn pls give me directive.i uses mtn line

  5. olusola says:

    pls i need d direction for setting vpn for mtn bb subscriptn on my android

    • Obinna says:

      Mtn bb subscription can not be used (at this time) on any other device apart from blackberry, so setting up vpn wont work. You can however use your airtel bb subscription with your android device. Read Browsing with Airtel BIS to see how you can use your Airtel Bis on any internet capable device.

      You can then setup VPN after subscribing to Airtel BIS. You can “Google” setting up vpn on android” or reach me to help you

  6. subscription was difficult until i saw this post, nice job

  7. hamzat says:

    u can also use mtn bis on you android

    to get the latest call me.

    • OluGOD says:

      How can I use mtn bis on android am interested I would av called you bt didn’t see you contact

    • Obinna says:

      The problem is. mtn BIS can not work on android. but GLO BIS does work. if you can change ur IMEI to a blackberry IMEI. pls search around on google of the procedures (there are plenty)

  8. jerome c says:

    can i use my BB subscription on my laptop to browse

  9. osaze says:

    pls am using a blackberry bold 2 and i cannot browse the internet without subscribing to mtn bis…each time i try the response i get is this “browsing over the cellular network is not included as part of your current service plan” pls help me out if you can

  10. dixit patel says:

    i have glow.i subscribe bb with 1000 naira for bbcmonth for 1 gb.i have blackberry bold 2 can i used it on the can i use it.please give guideline.

    This glow bb subscribe can work on any other android phone.if yes,i have techno please help to vpn settings.

  11. philip says:

    i have done my bis subscription (easy blaze),but i cant use my facebook,instant messaging, and BBM.its only my Google thats working.

  12. Anita says:

    Hi good morning, please I just viber and I have been trying to make a call but its been showing me there is a problem connecting to viber. Check ur network nd try again. Last night it.suggested that I enable APN and set it up. I have done that but still can’t make a call. Please can you help

  13. Anita says:

    Sorry. A mistake I just downloaded viber

  14. bashir says:

    Pls I need your help with APN settings of Glo OS 10

  15. Amaka diana rock says:

    please i just bought a bb bold3 9650 and i suscribed for mtn BIS but i could only access blackberry messenger and other applications and browser just shows that the phone is over a wifi network,please i want you to help me out..Am begging u.

    • Obinna says:

      Hello Diana, I dont really know why your phone wont browse, but I will attempt to help you. Turn off your wireless radio if you are not accessing any wifi with it. Try restarting your phone and if the problems persisit call the customer service on 180.

  16. ekene godwin says:

    Pls sir, how do I connect my blackberry phone to my laptop for browsing using mtn blackberry subscription. Thanks, ‘ll be waiting for your reply

  17. Kataana Hajara says:

    Hi there, i want to use VIBER to my BB phone(9790), tried to install and failed.all they say is that it cant be application. is this ok for a smartphone? What is app? please help

  18. femagen says:

    what’s the APN for Glo Blackberry? and must there be credit on the phone for it to work, even with BIS?

    • Obinna says:

      APN for glo is “gloflat” (its in the post!) When applications use a direct connection (this can happen when you watch youtube videos). your credit gets depleted even if you are BIS. Use Airtel if you dont want this to happen to you or buy a data plan in addition to your BIS.

  19. Tunde says:

    2go is not going on my bb pls help me

  20. edikan says:

    I jst got a 9630 n i subsribed to d daily etisalat plan,wneva i open any app it tells me dah d data plan doesnt allow for ds app n i shud upgrade my data plan…meaning????? Plz hlp

  21. silas says:

    pls is there any way i can use etisalat bis monthly subcription wit 3gb data cap on non-bb device?

  22. Emma says:

    Pls can I brows with Glo on my BB without subscribing if I set my apn n others?

  23. dolapo says:

    Plz am using a blackberry tour 9630…it is not browsing it says i need configuration…am using mtn

  24. i cant use wi-fi on my bb curve 8300 and where i am we have free wireless but i cant locate the wifi on my bb. pls help me. says:

    I need dis informatn badly bcos I want to use free wifi where I am.Pls how do I do it on my bb

  25. Charles says:

    pls I’ve comfigured my bb as shown above, bt its still not browsing, any help?

  26. Abba says:

    Thanks, that’s great.

  27. Bro! am happy for the info. given us,,,but cant i do it without a bb software?

  28. Gold says:

    I use Blackberry 9630 US.Cellular,I need Airtel Configuration for it

  29. John Osigbemhe says:

    Pls send me the set up for BlackBerry 10 VPN

    • Obinna says:

      there is nothing Fancy to it. Just tap on settings->network connections->VPN and then insert the VPN credentials that your provider gave you.

  30. O'femi says:

    My blackberry bold 6 has wifi hotspot and I am using etisalat, I tried to share my network with my pc but all efforts were futile. It only allow my pc to connect but it won’t browse. Pls what can I do?

  31. Essamin says:

    I wiped my bold5, and yet it stop showing me the big (edge) but only the small edge, (now my phone is not seeying the network) how can u help me with this prblm pls

  32. olalere says:

    i subscribe on airtel for tablet android bur how can i use it on blackberry bold5

  33. olalere says:

    quick reply please?

  34. Voke says:

    Hi my bold6 shows service status bis connection not connectd. D apn says D usa name is blank so is d pasword. I v loaded mtn bis in it, bt i cant acces bb app. Bt oda sites open and when they do it is my credit they take from. Pls pls, hw do i solv ds problm?

  35. olu says:

    Can I share network for any phone am using curve 9300

  36. samuel says:

    Good day I read through your post and found it very helpful. Could you pls help me out? I have a blackberry torch 9800 I can’t use bis on it. When I subscribe and got activated , the devise still say I Don’t have a subscription. I call mtn and they asked me to do a diasgonistic which I did to no avail. I followed your instruction on how to set up the bb devise still no solution. What should I do? Thanks

    • Obinna says:

      This post is about inserting your networks APN so that apps that use direct access only can work. Your BIS should be up by now

  37. piza says:

    please after inserting the GLO APN, I still can’t browse.. its saying i dont have a wireless subscrption. what can I do.. i am using Blackberry 9900..
    pls inbox me. thanks

    • Obinna says:

      Inserting your networks APN is only one piece of the puzzle. You need BIS subscription to surf the web with your device. But to really browse without BIS read this:

  38. Mr. Moses says:


  39. dew says:

    how far boss can help me with the settings of using my mtn BB sub on my laptop? i mean sub is on my sim and its been inserted into my modem

  40. ajulu chibuzor says:

    i nd helt my bbm aint workn

  41. berry says:

    Boss, I tried the apn u gave for mtn but its not working. I’m not sure if the problem is my bb’s version because I’m using version 5.0.0… I tried using google to search for help by found none.

  42. Ayobode says:

    I have a bold 6 with airtel bb social plan active. The edge on my device won’t change to capital but I can browse with the 10mb data I got from recharging. I don’t know if its my phone settings(its a virgin mobile)or my device OS is malfunctioning. I need help

  43. gerald says:

    Plz I nid to configure my phone(blackberry bold 9650).i hav tried evry APN settings on glo buh stil not workin!!plz I nid ur help on wah 2 do!!!thankz

  44. money says:

    can blackberry subscription work on Samsung s4

  45. shuaib says:

    am using a blackberry bold 5 .i connected it to a wifi nd it shows connected bt if i try using facebook or bbm it shows ‘you are currently on a service plan that does not support this application, please connect to a wifi network or contact your service provider to update your data plan

  46. ruth says:

    Pls m using bold6 9790 nd i tried subscribing with my mtn nd glo line but its not working on my bb.what can I do plsss?

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