How to configure a system-wide proxy in Linux Mint

You know how to configure your application to use a proxy server. Problem is, you have many applications that you would like to use a proxy with at the same time. Each time you want to use a different proxy server, you go through setting your applications again. That shouldn’t be the case. You can make a system-wide configuration so you wont have to configure your applications individually. If you are looking for how to do it on windows, here it is.


Click on the task bar menu, then “Preferences”, then “Network”.

Network Settings


Select “Network Proxy” and on the right select the method of configuration.

I use a manual configuration because I have the ip address of the socks server I want to use. If you have a configuration URL instead, use “Automatic”.


Click on “Apply system wide” to save your changes. You might be asked for your password. Put that and you are done


Next time you use your applications traffic will routed through the proxy.


Of course using a VPN is better! Stay tuned for how you can configure VPN in Linux Mint


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